Saturday 22 June 2019, 2-3.30pm

In association with the exhibition, ‘Dear Christine’, curated by Fionn Wilson, Helen Billinghurst delivers a psychogeographical report, with photographic images, on the three locations in Soho important to the narrative of Keeler’s life and the Profumo Affair. These will include Murray’s Cabaret Club, where Keeler met Stephen Ward, The Flamingo Club (which played an important role in the development of British rhythm and blues and jazz and where a fight broke out between two of Keeler’s lovers which ultimately led to the revelations of the Profumo Affair) and The Establishment club where Lewis Morley shot the iconic ‘chair’ photograph of Keeler in 1963. The report will deliver an emotive feedback in response to the locations as well as commenting on the lost landscape of 1960s Soho and comparing this with the Soho of today.

Helen Billinghurst is a practising interdisciplinary artist. She has recently completed a doctorate in performance, exploring how to combine studio practice with walking in the landscape.