Vane is pleased to be showing ‘Off the Map’ at ArtHelix, Bushwick, Brooklyn, USA, as part of Exchange Rates, The Bushwick International Exposition, Thursday 20 – Sunday 23 October 2016.

‘Off The Map’ brings together six artists whose work is concerned with the charting of territories, whether physical, political, or psychological. Cartography or map making is the creation of symbolic representations of the significant features of a region or subject. It combines science and aesthetics on the premise that reality can be modelled in ways that visually organise and communicate information effectively. Within the work of these artists, the act of mapping can be seen as a way of navigating a personal journey through the complexities of everyday life and of the creative process.

Nick Christie records the subtle, liminal marks made during the processes of drawing and printmaking by the artist’s fingerprints to form the images of planets or moons in an homage to the creative act of making itself. Jorn Ebner uses the politics of real or virtual territory to create dystopic environments. His drawings chart meandering journeys through vague, strange cityscapes. Jonpaul Kirvan’s drawings and prints overlay diagrammatic images of engines, bridges, and geometrical forms with arcane symbols and text. Melanie Kyles and Helen McClafferty take what are usually regarded as gender-specific materials, such as gauzy fabrics and beads, and create sculptural forms that echo the contours of the body, blurring the boundaries between art and clothing. Matthew Smith creates fictionalised representations of nature. In a series of pencil drawings, the convention of the contour line from map-making is used to create what appear to be landscapes but which are, in fact, entirely imaginary.

‘Off The Map’ has been curated by Ampersand Inventions, Newcastle upon Tyne, for Vane, and is presented as part of Exchange Rates, The Bushwick International Exposition, the second international collaborative exposition of galleries and projects in and around Bushwick, Brooklyn, USA. Exchange Rates has been developed by Sluice__, THEODORE:ART and Centotto. For more information go to