Friday 23 – Sunday 25 September 2016

Vane is proud to be participating in The Manchester Contemporary art fair showing the work of Nick Christie, Jonpaul Kirvan, Melanie Kyles, Morten Schelde, Sherene Scott, and Alison Unsworth.

Nick Christie (born 1985, London, lives in Newcastle upon Tyne) records the subtle, liminal marks and gestures made during the processes of drawing and printmaking. In his recent works, the whirls and tracks of the artist’s smeared fingerprints form images that explore the constantly changing nature of everyday communications as we increasingly move from the physical interaction with the printed page to its simulation on a screen.

Jonpaul Kirvan (born 1975, Newcastle upon Tyne, lives in Newcastle upon Tyne) works in both drawing, sculpture, and installation in mixed media, including the use of found objects (often organic, sometimes industrial), creating multi-sensory environments and objects. Tending to start without preconceived ideas he immerses himself within his different chosen subject matter and, as his journey unfolds, begins to tease out connecting strands binding each object.

Melanie Kyles (born 1990, Newcastle upon Tyne, lives in Gateshead) subverts notions of economy and practicality associated with the mass produced objects that form the base of her works, substituting a leisurely aesthetic of opulence through the use of delicate needlework and embellishment in glass, brass and crystal. ‘Untitled (Division of Labour)’ refers to Adam Smith’s original concept from the Industrial Revolution, where the separation of tasks is divided and often several differently skilled operators are used to create a final product. The finishing touches of the works here are by the artist’s father, a welder and manual worker, thus bringing the concept full circle from their source material of tools.

Morten Schelde (born 1972, Copenhagen, lives in Copenhagen) depicts the intersection of physical and imaginary spaces. He samples images from different media, collecting and combining them in the construction of new narratives, blurring reality and fiction in the process. Through this recycling and re-invention of images he explores the gap between romance and melancholy, belief and scepticism, mirroring and obstructing. He creates a mythic world of primal fears and desires. In these inner landscapes objects cease to be controlled by the laws of physics, interior becomes exterior, background becomes foreground, the past merges with the future.

Sherene Scott (born 1989, Newcastle upon Tyne, lives in Newcastle upon Tyne) explores themes of imagination, wonder, curiosity and anthropic reasoning. Fears manifest themselves, in particular the fear of the unknown, something that is out of our hands: ‘nature’ itself. She focuses upon the fractured relationship with nature, symbolism, and fabricated consciousness, employing organic materials to create wondrous evocations of shaping identities.

Alison Unsworth (born 1977, Preston, lives in Gateshead) focuses on built environments and the intersections between public and personal spaces. She creates delicately rendered records of public spaces from around the world, reflecting the alienation and disaffection present within the contemporary urban landscape, complete with graffiti-covered monuments and portraits of city inhabitants, both human and animal.

The Manchester Contemporary is dedicated to bringing together the most exciting, up and coming galleries and artists from across the UK to Manchester. Launched in 2008, The Manchester Contemporary is committed to encouraging and developing a market for critically engaged contemporary art in the region. It provides an opportunity for audiences to access high calibre contemporary art by exhibiting international artists alongside those that are new and emerging.

Thursday: Preview 5.30-9pm
Friday: 11am-6pm

Saturday: 10am-6pm

Sunday: 10am-5pm

Old Granada Studios St Johns
Quay Street
M3 4PR

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