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Tales in Sombre Tones at Vane

Tales in Sombre Tones

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‘Tales in Sombre Tones’ is a collaborative project between British artist Karen Ruffles and American author Sean Walter. To celebrate the publication of their illustrated anthology of gothic horror stories, they are putting on a fully immersive touring show to bring the audience inside the stories to experience the wonder and the horror for themselves.

On Friday 10 May, 6-10pm, there will be special event featuring readings by Sean Walter throughout the evening and other entertainment.

More Than Homeless at Vane

More Than Homeless

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Preview: Wednesday 1 May 5-8pm

‘More Than Homeless’ is a project created by Depaul, a charity working in some of the UK’s most disadvantaged communities, looking to prevent homelessness and provide support to vulnerable young people at every step of their journey. The exhibition celebrates the potential of young people through their identity – an identity beyond homelessness.

The Ongoing Moment at Vane

The Ongoing Moment

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‘The Ongoing Moment’ brings together works by Feliks Culpa that explore the relationship between the ephemeral moment and the passing of time. Resolutely monochrome, his lo-fi creations cast a clear cold light on the fleeting nature of political relativity and contingency. The drawings are documents, reportage, footnotes to the present, reminders of a soon to be forgotten past.

Aporia at Vane


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The exhibition title, ‘Aporia’, refers to the state of being at an impasse in an inquiry, caught in seemingly irresolvable internal contradictions and paradoxical positions. For Stuart Mel Wilson these are the contradictions that exist between the aspirations of the artist and realities of working in an age in which art has been knocked off the pedestal it once stood upon as an exemplar of the ‘highest’ virtues.

Zip at Vane


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Declan Ackroyd, Hannah Barker, Samuel Barry, Jade Blood, Odin Coleman, Aloe Corry, Joanna Georghadjis, Henry Gonnet, James Hall, Tracy Himsworth, Sian Hutchings, Mag Jittaksa, Tommy Keenan, Edward Lawrenson, Ciara Ní Léanacháin, Samantha Lourens, Euan Lynn, Miria Miria, David Reynolds, Holly Standen

Twenty artists studying on the BxNU Master of Fine Art programme at Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne, are showcasing their individual practices in a two-week group exhibition.

Hard Craft at Vane

Hard Craft

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Women, like craft, are often portrayed as pleasant and placid. This exhibition celebrates protest and outrage, stitched into fabric and fired in the kiln. The suffragettes created a visual language of resistance through posters, pamphlets, banners, sashes, handkerchief-petitions and ceramic tableware. Many seemingly domestic objects became weapons of dissent and symbols for a societal revolution.

The Human Spaceship at Vane

The Human Spaceship

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In ‘The Human Spaceship’ Helen Schell expresses what it is like to live in a space-faring society at a time when we are experiencing the most astounding change in ‘being-human’ through astronomy and space exploration.

Demo Tape Vision, Version 2 at Vane

Demo Tape Vision, Version 2

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Whilst artist in residence at Künstlerhaus Dortmund in 2016, Jorn Ebner recorded the sound environment of the German city. The resulting soundscapes were published as a limited edition music cassette, Dortmund Demo Tape.

RIFT at Vane


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‘RIFT’ explores the lore surrounding fortune telling, dream states and the human psyche. Mani Kambo has experimented with various printing methods to create abstract, dream-like visuals, developing ideas explored in her recent exhibition, ‘Semblance’, at System Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne. Through collage and layered imagery, the work acts like fragments of memory left behind for the viewer to piece together.

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