Nick Christie uses a wide range of printmaking techniques, coupled with an expressive mark making style, in order to create a visual dialogue between inner curiosity and the physical act of making. Themes of connectivity and the body are explored through an intuitive, expressive mark making drawing style. The nature of electricity is played with through using printmaking methods in which it is inherent. Photopolymer film, used by Christie, was originally a product of the electronics industry designed for building electronic circuitry. This film is blue in colour and the artist exposes his imagery onto the surface of metal plates for printing using a photographic process called photopolymer gravure.

In early 2019 Christie studied the process of electro-etching, or galv-etch, in Gran Canaria with the master printmaker Alfonso Crujera. This is a non-toxic form of intaglio printmaking, which uses an electrolyte and a power source to etch the images into metal plates, which are then printed. Christie takes advantage of the unique expressive qualities that are possible with this technique.

Nick Christie was born in 1985 in Croydon and lives in Newcastle upon Tyne. He studied BA Honours Fine Art at Northumbria University, 2008-11 and completed the Graduate Fellowship in Printmaking at Northumbria University in 2011-12, and a Fellowship in Printmaking at Northern Print in 2013.

Nick Christie runs Incubate Experimental Printmaking, next door to Vane, a collaborative printmaking workshop that is designed to facilitate complete beginners, through to printmaking veterans. For details of classes and how to book one-to-one sessions see