In celebration of International Women’s Day, Vane is proud to be hosting ‘Exposing Form’, curated by Caitlin Heaney and Melanie Kyles. The show is an intimate and unedited portrayal of emerging female artists and creatives that are associated with Orbis and Ampersand Inventions in Commercial Union House.

This exhibition consciously focuses on the women themselves as well as the work they create, exposing their thoughts, fears and ambitions. The artists themselves are very much present through a collection of working portraits by Pelumi Odubanjo, along with their personal journeys, what inspires them, challenges them and motivates them. It demonstrates both the strengths and vulnerabilities of these women, and highlights the importance of female presence in the creative sector. A selection of works from these women accompanies the portraits, including sculpture, taxidermy, fashion, painting, photography and videography, showcasing an authentic and diverse snapshot of these inspiring female creatives.

The women taking part are Emma Fleming (multimedia artist), Bea Groves (tutor), Caitlin Heaney (artist), Mani Kambo (moving image artist), Melanie Kyles (artist and accessories designer), Helen McClafferty (fashion designer and illustrator), Pelumi Odubanjo (fine art photographer), Sherene Scott (artist and taxidermist), and Helena Turner (writer).