Multiplus - Vane

Simon Jones, Silver Chip Forks, 2002, silver

David Atwell, Catherine Bertola, Anne Bromley, Rupert Clamp, Natalie Frost, George Heslop, Simon Jones, Paul Moss, Topsy Qur‘et, Jeni Snell

A shop intervention featuring multiples by ten artists, all responding to the unique location of both their immediate surroundings – that of Grainger Market – as well as the wider cityscape. The historic indoor Grainger Market was built in 1835 and Newcastle is renowned today as one of the UK’s largest centres for shopping. Within the urban shopping experience, Grainger Market retains an identity of its own, selling a lively mix of goods ranging from jewellery, hardware, bric-a-brac and clothes to meat, fruit and vegetables. Within this context, Multiplus introduces the artist’s multiple to the retail environment.