Megan Bedell

Megan Bedell - Vane

Megan Bedell, Glass, 2001, etched wineglass

Megan Bedell’s work plays with language and symbols,(re-) presenting phrases and words in pictorial form. A current favourite format for this is the rebus – a type of puzzle where the names of the familiar objects depicted combined with letters subtracted or added can be read as new words or phrases. Sometimes, that the reader "gets" what is "written" is not essential – the consequences of misinterpretation being more amusing. At other times, the viewer may successfully decipher a given message only to find their initial sense of triumph flattened by finding themselves presented with an insult or an expletive. A postgraduate of Northumbria University, exhibitions in 2002 included ‘Physical Trauma’, Debenhams’ Windows, Manchester and ‘Research Rooms’, Waygood Gallery, Newcastle. For ‘MEMENTO’, she contributed a rebus image published in the July/August edition of Art Review magazine.