William L Gofton

William L Gofton - Vane

William L Gofton, 5-8-6, 2002, screenprint

William L Gofton’s work is obsessed with style and technique, liberally plundering different eras of art, music, film, advertising, typography and other strands of popular culture for its source material. Whether appropriated or created by the artist himself, his body of graphic images and text-based works represent a world of his own (making), one in which his subject matter is treated with great affection, yet simultaneously prodded and tweaked to perform tricks for the entertainment of the viewer. His use of commercial processes removes all personal gesture; computer imagery, silk screening and cut vinyl create a serial flatness: the aesthetic of the mass-produced. A graduate of Northumbria University, his work is regularly presented and distributed outside of a gallery context. For ‘MEMENTO’, he produced a limited edition T-shirt.