‘Space Between Us’ features the work of twenty contemporary artists based in the Netherlands and in the north east of England.

Though the starting point is the collaboration between the two countries, the exhibition also includes artists from Germany, Spain, Ireland and the USA.

‘Space Between Us’ is curated by Una Henry and Thomas Peutz of SMART Project Space in Amsterdam.

Suspended between cultural backdrops, ‘Space Between Us’ brings together works by twenty artists from The Netherlands and the north east of England and makes direct reference to their geographical distance. Focusing on the ways in which our cultural constructions are created, these artists propose alternatives, express concerns, reveal ironies and reposition the different parameters that delineate their surroundings. By grouping together diverse propositions within the same framework ‘Space Between Us’ provokes awareness and discussion of the ways in which liminal spaces or zones of mediation are configured.

The central theme of the exhibition is that of connection and dislocation of people and their environment and a dynamic understanding of the boundaries – be they physical, emotional or psychological – between these. The artists’ works are not bound to one another, rather they point in differing directions, addressing contemporary subjectivity and demonstrating how society’s structures and codes are embodied in the urban environment and the vulnerability of the individual. These concerns are played out through a complexity of narratives, politics, sounds and images. Adopting a method that is investigative, even anthropological, the works assume the form of a social examination of the public and private realm.

Una Henry and Thomas Peutz, Curators, ‘Space Between Us’
SMART Project Space, Amsterdam