Bill Breckenridge

Bill Breckenridge - Vane

Bill Breckenridge, Deep and Meaningful

Bill Breckenridge paints rooms, walls and panels onto which words or letters are applied. Through the deconstruction and reduction of symbolism he denounces the poetic image.

In Deep and Meaningful, two pink aluminium circles and a black triangle lean against the wall. The letters ‘D&M’, taken from the title, glow in neon, illuminating the flat painted surfaces. The artist critiques the long tradition of painting by rejecting its macho lineage whilst at the same time, with a two finger salute, giving it what it wants – the genitals as object. The letters ‘B&V’ are graffitied beneath the luminous neon, standing for ‘Baps and Vag’, slang terminology used to describe breasts and vagina.

Not only does the artist reduce symbolism virtually to zero point, he also depreciates language itself in order that meaning is abolished. Breckenridge ironically entitles his work Deep and Meaningful and what he gives to his audience is a beautiful pink surface, flesh-like and glowing. Just as in the game of flirtation, there are times when there is nothing but the outward glow and the transparency of another being.