Rupert Clamp

Rupert Clamp - Vane

Rupert Clamp, Battle of Lothian, 2002

Rupert Clamp creates work that explores and questions the ways in which we navigate the everyday world. His work consists primarily of interventions that gently interrupt the mundane locations within which they are placed. Motivated by a playful desire to escape the familiar, he utilises commonplace objects, signs and sounds, altering or arranging them and often incorporating a wide range of historical references.

His work for ‘Space Between Us’ is the latest in this line of escapist fictions – an attempt to map the city of Newcastle upon Tyne through the people who live there and the points of reference they use to navigate the city.

Under the pretence of being lost, the artist enlisted the help of passers by in drawing a map that takes him from one location to his next port of call. Upon arrival at each sight/site, new directions are sought. These points of interest (each is listed by the city’s Tourist Information office) are visited in an order that takes the artist on a circular route through the city. The resultant maps are then amalgamated into one final map, devoid of street names, that is drawn onto the surfaces of a room. The viewer is invited to explore and imagine that city as constructed from the many different viewpoints.