Graham Dolphin

Graham Dolphin - Vane

Graham Dolphin, Everyword in Vogue, July 2001 - Printed onto a single page the same dimensions as the original Magazine (detail), 2001, bromide print

Graham Dolphin’s Everyword in Vogue, July 2001 is literally that: every word from one edition of the fashion magazine - from front to back cover, editorial and adverts - transcribed and printed in minute text on one bromide print identical in size to a page from the magazine itself. Stripped of its associated glossy imagery, each word and sentence - from the cover price to a supermodel’s name - is allocated the same level of significance. Two sound works take the same base material to achieve a further degree of separation from their source, one employing a computer’s ‘Speak Selection’ option to recite the entire text - complete with bizarre and humorous mispronunciations of words unfamiliar to the computer’s dictionary - the other translating the text into Morse code, rendering it unintelligible to all but a knowledgeable few.