Past exhibitions

Sista Pratesi: The Shining of Our Design; at Vane

The Shining of Our Design

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In her solo exhibition, ‘The Shining of Our Design’, Sista Pratesi creates an installation of paintings that explore the power of belief systems and the structures that are created to enforce them.

Narbi Price: Shan’t Quit; at Vane

Shan’t Quit

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For his solo exhibition, ‘Shan’t Quit’, Narbi Price presents a series of paintings and lithographic prints of the locations of the Whitechapel, London, ‘Jack The Ripper’ murders of 1888, based on photographs of the sites as they are today. Using the forensic information from the time, Price was able to take photographs accurate to within 30cm of the exact sites, now variously car parks, schoolyards, loading bays, etc.

Suppose An Eyes; at Vane

Suppose An Eyes

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An international touring exhibition that takes its title from American poet, novelist and art collector Gertrude Stein’s modernist, abstract text, Tender Buttons (1914), a group reading of which provided the catalyst for the project. As the text approaches its centenary the three artists are testing its relevance to contemporary art practice. They have used it as a catalyst for discussions, cross-referencing Stein’s textual abstraction with their own practices.

Helen Schell: Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon; at Vane

Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon

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In her solo exhibition ‘Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon’ Helen Schell examines the myths, quasi facts and bizarre theories that exist around space exploration. Schell presents us with a space myth of her own: has a woman been to the Moon?

Moda WK; at Vane

Moda WK

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Titania Seidl, Nadia Hebson and Holly Antrum (with Rose O’Gallivan) respond to the legacy of little-known British artist Winifred Knights (1899-1947).

EC Davies: A stitch in time; at Vane

A stitch in time

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In ‘A stitch in time’, EC Davies shows a selection of new works including video, animation, print, photographs and sewn objects. Davies works with images of herself and found objects that reflect and communicate aspects of her thought processes through the act of making.

Michael Mulvihill: The Pursuit of Happiness; at Vane

The Pursuit of Happiness

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‘The Pursuit of Happiness’ stands as an ironic title for Michael Mulvihill’s first solo exhibition for Vane, comprising a series of drawings that reveal the artist’s dark, apocalyptic vision. The tiny scale of the drawings refers to the online thumbnails from where the images have been appropriated. One group depicts explosions from nuclear tests carried out by the United States and the Soviet Union during the arms race of the Cold War.

Stephen Palmer: The end has no end; at Vane

The end has no end

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For his third solo exhibition at Vane Stephen Palmer has produced a series of drawings based on clippings from daily newspapers. The depicted stories are not strictly speaking ‘news’ but rather they look to update or reanalyse historic events. Each clipping is painstakingly rendered in word perfect detail, a process of transcription that has the effect of conferring value and worth to events that may otherwise appear of little relevance or importance.

Nick Fox: Nightsong; at Vane


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In ‘Nightsong’, Nick Fox’s second solo exhibition for Vane, and the first exhibition to occupy all of our gallery spaces, visual representations of longing are explored through an examination of pictorial and symbolic narratives drawn from a hybrid of artifacts, mythologies and timeframes. Inspired by lunar mythologies, ‘Nightsong’ muses upon the spiritual panacea of moonlight and explores the physical and emotional instability and the bittersweet intensification of longing that comes as a result of rejection and loss.

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