Past exhibitions

Mark Joshua Epstein: All of me is asking, all of me is thinking… ; at Vane

All of me is asking, all of me is thinking…

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With ‘All of me is asking, all of me is thinking…’ at Vane, and ‘Pardon me for asking, pardon me for thinking…’ at the Customs House Gallery, South Shields, New York based artist Mark Joshua Epstein presents distinct but related bodies of work in his biggest showcase in the UK to date.

Susan Aldworth: Reassembling the Self; at Vane

Reassembling the Self

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‘Reassembling the Self’ is an exhibition on two sites, the Hatton Gallery and Vane in Newcastle upon Tyne, curated by artist Susan Aldworth. Centred in a study of the condition of schizophrenia, it weaves together art, science, psychiatry and individual histories in an extraordinary exploration of self, perception and the fragility of human identity.

Hannah Campion: Shift; at Vane


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‘Shift’ is a solo exhibition at Vane by our first artist in residence, Hannah Campion. Campion began her residency in January, and has recently been developing work for the exhibition within the gallery space itself.

Jock Mooney: The Eyes Turn’d Inward for the Nightmare was Real; at Vane

The Eyes Turn’d Inward for the Nightmare was Real

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Jock Mooney constructs a world populated by grotesque characters, weird animals, lurid flowers and morphed effigies of historical, mythical and religious figures. Equally bizarre objects, composed of fingers, bones and fried eggs, take the form of memorial wreaths. Mooney creates a carnivalesque horror show that raises a distorted mirror to the modern world. Junk food, pop icons, religion, history, and art are all fair game, and Mooney takes no prisoners.

Apropos the Kissing of a Hand; at Vane

Apropos the Kissing of a Hand

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‘Apropos the Kissing of a Hand’ forefronts the Festival Robert Walser. The exhibition at Vane consists of the work of eleven national and international artists who share a fascination with one of the major figures of modernist literature: Holly Antrum, 
Becky Beasley, 
Billy Childish,
 Robert Ellis,
 Catrin Huber,
 Sophie Macpherson,
 Jeremy Millar, 
Arnaud Moinet,
 Francesco Pedraglio, 
Roman Signer,
 Sylvia Vögel.


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‘Super-natural’ brings together science, art, history and technology as a starting point to this ongoing project. The work makes a connection between two points in time, the peak in witchcraft from the cusp of the enlightenment period in Western history and the emergent molecular genetic sciences of today, both periods signalling the onset of revolutionary or accelerated technological change.

Marina Zurkow: Mesocosm (Northumberland UK); at Vane

Mesocosm (Northumberland UK)

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‘Mesocosm (Northumberland, UK)’ is an algorithmic, animated landscape portrait, representing the passage of time on the moors of Northeast England. One hour of world time elapses in each minute of screen time, so that one year lasts 146 hours.

Kerstin Drechsel: If you close the door; at Vane

If you close the door

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Kerstin Drechsel’s investigation of everyday culture, artistic production and individual taste is orientated towards the rhythms of popular music, film and daily occurrences. From transvestites to sex club devotees, office workers to nuclear protestors, Drechsel captures intimate personal moments of individuals or sub-culture groups expressing or identifying themselves through their clandestine rituals or in the specific environments they create around themselves.

Ellie Harrison: Market Forces; at Vane

Market Forces

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Ellie Harrison is an artist who looks at the numbers. As artist in residence at Wunderbar, her solo exhibition at Vane and collaborative projects during the festival tread the line between the sublime and the ridiculous, between creation and activism. It’s all intended to get visitors to understand how our world is shaped by everyday engagements with the micro-detail of a macro-financial system that is steering humanity over a cliff of crisis - with a healthy dose of self-irony.

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