Past exhibitions

Goh Ideta: Reflections; at Vane


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Step into an interactive light installation and be surrounded by a glittering shower of reflections. In this new work by Japanese artist Goh Ideta, a cushioned floor is covered with thousands of mirrored tiles.

Barbara Walker: Louder than words; at Vane

Louder than words

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Barbara Walker’s work addresses the personal, social and political implications of the controversial powers of the police ‘stop and search’ act. Living in Birmingham, she has witnessed at first hand a curious and potent collision of several different factors.

The Kiss of a Lifetime

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Vane’s second presentation as part of the Northern Print Biennale, ‘The Kiss of a Lifetime (Part 2)’ is curated by Manchester-based artist and curator, Mike Chavez-Dawson. The exhibition features the work of over 100 artists, both internationally renowned and emerging.

A room inside them; at Vane

A room inside them

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Presented as part of the first Northern Print Biennale, ‘A room inside them’ is an exhibition bringing together a diversity of approaches to printmaking by artists from the UK, USA, Germany and Denmark, each of whom shares an interest in how humans make a physical and/or psychological imprint or projection on the spaces, objects and beings that surround them.

Host 09: Otherliness; at Vane

Host 09: Otherliness

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As part of The Late Shows Vane is pleased to present the latest project from Sheffield-based Host Artists Group (HAG). HAG have invited 18 artists to create sound works that are imagined, otherly and utterly alien to the gallery setting, to be presented in a traditional gallery space, at once turning HAG’s usual practice of curating and producing art in alternative spaces on its head.

Score; at Vane


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‘Score’ consists of work by students, graduate fellows, Graduate Studio Northumbria artists and staff from the Fine Art department at Northumbria University in Newcastle upon Tyne.

Moerten Schelde: In the woods; at Vane

In the woods

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Morten Schelde’s work depicts the intersection of physical and imaginary spaces. His drawings, paintings and photographic works sample images from different media, collecting and combining them in the construction of new narratives and blurring reality and fiction in the process.

Uncommon ground; at Vane

Uncommon ground

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‘Uncommon ground’ comprises the work of seven artists exploring the ways in which our environmental conditions, both natural and man-made, affect and reflect our lives and are in turn affected by our selves and our actions. Landscape and architecture are amongst the great recurring themes in art history – they surround us and define us just as we also struggle to make sense of them.

Stephen Palmer; The Dead and Alive Songs; at Vane

The Dead and Alive Songs

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Stephen Palmer’s recent paintings have catalogued his collection of free, found and received objects as a means of auditing and archiving his life through everyday mementos. For his latest project, Palmer has turned his attention to his own record collection.

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