Past exhibitions

Dialogus at Vane


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‘Dialogus’ presents works by eleven artists selected from this year’s issue of Lungs magazine contributors, whose media span across video, short film, photography, sculpture, painting, drawing, performance, and illustration. The artists are Emma Bennett, Molly Bythell, Mark Chapman, Callum Costello, Lauren Drummond, Joe Jefford, Steven Lowery, Liam McCabe, Amy Roberts, Matt Wilkinson, and Zara Worth.

Valence at Vane


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‘Valence’ is an art/science collaboration and investigation between the Fine Art department and the Wellcome Centre for Mitochondrial Research (WCMR) at Newcastle University.

You’re Reading Into It: Queering Contemporary Minimalism, at Vane

You’re Reading Into It: Queering Contemporary Minimalism

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‘You’re Reading Into It: Queering Contemporary Minimalism’ brings together bodies of work by seven emerging LGBTQ+ artists, curated by artist Oliver Doe. The work focuses on queer readings of Minimalist art and portrayals of LGBTQ+ experience through a minimal abstract lens. Seeking to challenge the machismo often associated with Minimalist art and reclaim a queerness in that visual language, ‘You’re Reading Into It’ highlights the importance of queer and radical feminist issues in the development of contemporary art.

What If? at Vane

What If?

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Art in Crisis is a national programme of public events presenting artwork by artists experiencing homelessness. We know that homelessness is not inevitable. We know that together we can end it. ‘What If?’ sees the culmination of a three-month project between Crisis clients in Newcastle and local artist, Rob Haliburton, exploring photographic media.

Press Play and Record at Vane

Press Play and Record

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‘Press Play and Record’ brings together a body of work created by EC Davies over the last three years. This includes video, animation, sound works and textiles, developing aspects of her collaborations with choirs in Berlin and North East England.

This Must Be the Place at Vane

This Must Be the Place

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Narbi Price’s work involves journeys to specific places that have witnessed a range of events – variously historical, famous, personal or forgotten. He researches the precise location of a chosen event, ranging from significant moments in music, film and TV, whimsical acts through to places of violence and death amongst others.

Exposing Form, at Vane

Exposing Form

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In celebration of International Women’s Day, Vane is proud to be hosting ‘Exposing Form’, curated by Caitlin Heaney and Melanie Kyles. The show is an intimate and unedited portrayal of emerging female artists and creatives that are associated with Orbis and Ampersand Inventions in Commercial Union House.

Slowing into form, at Vane

Slowing into form

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Vanessa Anthony, Hannah Barker, Allen Barret, Julie Louise Bemment, Kat Bevan, Elizabeth Black, Rob Bowman, Frankie Casimir, Grace Denton, Simone Gandhi, Rebecca Halliwell-Sutton, Samuel Johnson, Sophie Keith, Ricardo Lopes, Mark Lyons, Melissa MacPherson, Dan McGee, Kitty McMurray, Alexander Nicholas, Murray Thompson

A group of postgraduate artists from the BxNU Master of Fine Art course at Northumbria University are throwing their work in the air and seeing how it lands.

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