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Make Print Great Again at Vane

Make Print Great Again

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‘Make Print Great Again’ brings together eight artists based in the North East of England, each of whom has an individual approach to the nature, techniques and possibilities of printmaking and its position within contemporary art. The exhibition has been curated by Nick Christie and Johnnyx.

Electric Blue at Vane

Electric Blue

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Nick Christie uses a wide range of printmaking techniques in order to create a visual dialogue between inner curiosity and the physical act of making. Themes of connectivity and the body are explored through an intuitive, expressive mark making drawing style. The nature of electricity is played with through using printmaking methods in which it is inherent.

Souter Point at Vane

Souter Point

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Joe McAllister’s work investigates the landscape around South Tyneside in the north east of England, one that from the early 1800s well into the 20th Century was an important part of the Industrial Revolution.

Somewhere In Between at Vane

Somewhere In Between

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Newcastle-based artist Oliver Doe’s exhibition, ‘Somewhere In Between’, questions the way that we see queer people, turning this abstraction on its head in order to proudly demonstrate LGBTQ+ bodies as a defiant site of political and cultural difference. Queer erasure is rendered into boldly coloured minimalist paintings, defiantly present in the space, and yet containing a pervading sense of absence in their reduced forms.

No Whole Truths at Vane

No Whole Truths

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Johannah Latchem’s work addresses themes of law, punishment and power. They intervene in the material culture of the courthouse to establish new rituals. Her art installations are sometimes installed in courtrooms and critique the symbolic materiality of law’s historical artefacts. Latchem creates new legal objects and explores their performative role in courtroom rituals, exposing new ways to convey revised messages to the public.

Heads & Tales at Vane

Heads & Tales

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As part of the programme for the Chilli Studios Heads & Tales mental health heritage project, this exhibition will showcase work celebrating the diverse and individual experiences of mental health conditions and the benefits of artistic expression. The show features over fifty invited artists alongside Heads & Tales participants and volunteers, and includes painting, sculpture, moving image, audio, and performance, as well as guest archive items from the Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums collection.

Dear Christine at Vane

Dear Christine

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Exhibiting artists: Natalie d'Arbeloff, Helen Billinghurst, Claudia Clare, Caroline Coon, Lucy Cox, Catherine Edmunds, Roxana Halls, Sadie Hennessy, Marguerite Horner, Barbara Howey, Shani Rhys James, Sal Jones, Jowonder, Sadie Lee, Cathy Lomax, Julia Maddison, Sonja Benskin Mesher, Wendy Nelson, Sarah Shaw, Stella Vine, Fionn Wilson.

‘Dear Christine’ aims to reclaim and reframe Christine Keeler (1942-2017), a woman castigated for her role in a notorious political scandal in the Nineteen-sixties. The Profumo Affair was a watershed moment in British cultural and political history that brought down the government of the time.

Worth It at Vane

Worth It

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‘Worth It’ focuses on a collective textile work created by a diverse group of women in a series of workshops exploring and expressing their experiences of being a woman on Tyneside today, using the theme of ‘Body Image and Identity’. The exhibition is presented as part of the Festival of Women, produced by the Women of Tyneside project.

Tales in Sombre Tones at Vane

Tales in Sombre Tones

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‘Tales in Sombre Tones’ is a collaborative project between British artist Karen Ruffles and American author Sean Walter. To celebrate the publication of their illustrated anthology of gothic horror stories, they are putting on a fully immersive touring show to bring the audience inside the stories to experience the wonder and the horror for themselves.

On Friday 10 May, 6-10pm, there will be special event featuring readings by Sean Walter throughout the evening and other entertainment.

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