Past exhibitions

Matthew Smith: Erratic Landscapes; at Vane

Erratic Landscapes

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For his second solo exhibition at Vane, Matthew Smith has conceived a multi-layered landscape of works, a hybrid of the manmade and natural environment that examines the intersections between these two polarities.

Alison Unsworth: Things to think with; at Vane

Things to think with

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For her first solo exhibition with Vane, Alison Unsworth presents new work created during the last six months – developed from found objects, such as souvenirs, street furniture, and photographs – that displays her longstanding fascination with the built environment and, increasingly, in the wildlife and in particular the birdlife within it.

Trans-it; at Vane


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The bleu Project aims to blur the dividing line between undergraduate and postgraduate artists in a collaborative exhibition. ‘Trans-it’ embraces the role of the contemporary, travelling artist. These works are brought together through the shared examination of humour and narrative in a playful take on the notion of travel.

Kraig Wilson: Utopia; at Vane


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In the centenary of World War One, Kraig Wilson presents an exhibition of photographic portraits of serving gay army personnel. Vane is proud to have ‘Utopia’ included in the official events programme of this year’s Newcastle Pride.

Eulogy; at Vane


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LUME Projects (Craig Mayhew, David Meadows, Andrew Potts) in collaboration with Zara Worth present ‘Eulogy’ an exhibition of work by a number of established and emerging artists practising in the North East, unpicking the enduring love affair between artist and nature.

Maria Chevska: Dubious to Reason; at Vane

Dubious to Reason

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Maria Chevska’s solo exhibition consists of a large series of recent paintings, From the Diary of a Fly, and collage sculptures on plinths entitled Muniments. In her paintings and three-dimensional collages, Chevska explores both media’s capacities to shift and evolve ideas: of representation through the gestures of her painting, and of social forms through her collages.

Stu Herring: Existence Experiments; at Vane

Existence Experiments

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In ‘Existence Experiments’, Stu Herring exhibits the preparatory drawings of his recent performances as well as drawings of unrealised or imaginary projects. Herring creates work to expand his personal understanding of existence and society, he undertakes ceremonial tasks designed to alter his perceived reality and challenge that of the viewer’s perception of ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary’ behaviour.

Zoë Anderson: A Walk Announced; at Vane

A Walk Announced

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Saturday 5 April 2014 (one day event)

Zoë Anderson: A Walk Announced

In ‘A Walk Announced’, Zoë Anderson attempts to bypass the limitations of representation of landscape, particularly within a gallery context, by dispensing with the artifice of any kind of pictorial, auditory or verbal description, and to access the sublime nature of the experience through what Anderson calls ‘framed silence’.

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