Past exhibitions

Maria Chevska: Dubious to Reason; at Vane

Dubious to Reason

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Maria Chevska’s solo exhibition consists of a large series of recent paintings, From the Diary of a Fly, and collage sculptures on plinths entitled Muniments. In her paintings and three-dimensional collages, Chevska explores both media’s capacities to shift and evolve ideas: of representation through the gestures of her painting, and of social forms through her collages.

Stu Herring: Existence Experiments; at Vane

Existence Experiments

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In ‘Existence Experiments’, Stu Herring exhibits the preparatory drawings of his recent performances as well as drawings of unrealised or imaginary projects. Herring creates work to expand his personal understanding of existence and society, he undertakes ceremonial tasks designed to alter his perceived reality and challenge that of the viewer’s perception of ‘normal’ or ‘ordinary’ behaviour.

Jorn Ebner: Death Dwarf in Paradise; at Vane

Death Dwarf in Paradise

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In his new series of works on paper, German artist Jorn Ebner is working towards the dissolution of the figurative image. His starting point is the Death Dwarf, a character from William S Burroughs’ Nova Express, who re-emerges in these works as variations of Hans Holbein’s Danse Macabre, a series of 41 woodcuts, which Ebner has re-drawn as gestural drawings. Death Dwarf is the main character, the drawings depict him and his environment, both in states of immateriality or digital fiction; music, literature and art are points of departure, reference and subject matter at the same time.

Between fact and fiction; at Vane

Between fact and fiction

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‘Between fact and fiction’ juxtaposes artists who make work that documents real-life situations – Kerstin Drechsel, Michael Mulvihill, Stephen Palmer, and Narbi Price – with those that construct their own imaginary or fantasy worlds – Nick Fox, Simon Le Ruez, Dodda Maggý, Jock Mooney, and Morten Schelde.

Lisa Watts: David Kefford: Skittish; at Vane


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For this presentation of the touring exhibition ‘Skittish’, live artist Lisa Watts is being joined by the sculptor David Kefford.

Sista Pratesi: The Shining of Our Design; at Vane

The Shining of Our Design

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In her solo exhibition, ‘The Shining of Our Design’, Sista Pratesi creates an installation of paintings that explore the power of belief systems and the structures that are created to enforce them.

Narbi Price: Shan’t Quit; at Vane

Shan’t Quit

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For his solo exhibition, ‘Shan’t Quit’, Narbi Price presents a series of paintings and lithographic prints of the locations of the Whitechapel, London, ‘Jack The Ripper’ murders of 1888, based on photographs of the sites as they are today. Using the forensic information from the time, Price was able to take photographs accurate to within 30cm of the exact sites, now variously car parks, schoolyards, loading bays, etc.

Suppose An Eyes; at Vane

Suppose An Eyes

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An international touring exhibition that takes its title from American poet, novelist and art collector Gertrude Stein’s modernist, abstract text, Tender Buttons (1914), a group reading of which provided the catalyst for the project. As the text approaches its centenary the three artists are testing its relevance to contemporary art practice. They have used it as a catalyst for discussions, cross-referencing Stein’s textual abstraction with their own practices.

Helen Schell: Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon; at Vane

Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon

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In her solo exhibition ‘Moon-shot: First Woman on the Moon’ Helen Schell examines the myths, quasi facts and bizarre theories that exist around space exploration. Schell presents us with a space myth of her own: has a woman been to the Moon?

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