Past exhibitions

Vane at NORTH, Warrington


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Newcastle Pavilion: 12-14 Horsemarket Street, Warrington

NORTH is a new initiative which aims to showcase and develop contemporary art in the North of England whilst provoking critical debate on the future artistic production in the region. In a series of curated pavilions, exhibitions and events, NORTH explores the breadth and strength of talent within the region in a festival opening Friday 2 October and running until Saturday 31 October 2015 across Warrington.

Helen Schell: Yellow Giant; at Vane

Yellow Giant

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In ‘Yellow Giant’ Helen Schell has worked with leading solar physicists to present a series of large and dramatic artworks exploring features of the Sun and of solar science.

Ten: at Vane


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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the opening of the gallery, ‘Ten’ showcases the work of nineteen international artists who have shown at Vane during the last decade. With artists from Germany, Denmark, Iceland, South Africa, the USA, as well as the UK, working across painting, drawing, sculpture and video, ‘Ten’ provides a snapshot of each individual artist’s practice.

Dawn Felicia Knox: Working the Stasis: Tending the Shadows

Working the Stasis: Tending the Shadows

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‘Working the Stasis’, by artist Dawn Felicia Knox, is an exploration of the tension between objects and the biological processes that work to degrade them. The point of investigation is Hadrian’s Wall, stretching across Northern England. The monument, surrounding settlements and artefacts found there appear as if unchanged after thousands of years.

Paul Jex: Institute of Monochrome Art, Volume 1

Institute of Monochrome Art, Volume 1

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To launch Vane’s new Project Space, Paul Jex is exhibiting work from his Institute of Monochrome Art (IOMA). Each piece consists of the pairing of two artists who have worked, or continue to work in a single colour and explores, documents and questions the monochrome and the artists’ interest in it, highlighting both the similarities and differences.

Simon Le Ruez: The other side of you and me; at Vane

The other side of you and me

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Simon Le Ruez’s third solo exhibition at Vane presents works carefully and seductively choreographed within the space in response to the artist’s growing desire to construct in situ work, transforming the dynamic methodology of his studio practice within the gallery walls.

George Chakravarthi: Thirteen; at Vane


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A Globe Gallery presentation hosted by Vane, ‘Thirteen’ is a photographic installation by London based artist George Chakravarthi. Commissioned by the Royal Shakespeare Company, to mark the 450th anniversary of Shakespeare’s birth, the works on show portray thirteen of Shakespeare’s tragic characters all of whom meet their ends through suicide.

Matthew Smith: Erratic Landscapes; at Vane

Erratic Landscapes

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For his second solo exhibition at Vane, Matthew Smith has conceived a multi-layered landscape of works, a hybrid of the manmade and natural environment that examines the intersections between these two polarities.

Alison Unsworth: Things to think with; at Vane

Things to think with

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For her first solo exhibition with Vane, Alison Unsworth presents new work created during the last six months – developed from found objects, such as souvenirs, street furniture, and photographs – that displays her longstanding fascination with the built environment and, increasingly, in the wildlife and in particular the birdlife within it.

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