Past exhibitions

Jock Mooney: Who Are You and What Do You Want?; at Vane

Who Are You and What Do You Want?

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In ‘Who Are You and What Do You Want?’, Jock Mooney presents an elaborate tableau of sculptural objects, drawings and sound, that functions as a personal reflection on the artist’s life.

Flora Whiteley: Present Continuous; at Vane

Present Continuous

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In ‘Present Continuous’, Flora Whiteley presents new paintings that continue her investigation into filmic and stage-like spaces, combining layers of source material to create enigmatic, suggestive scenes.

Jennie Speirs Grant: Observations not taken today…; at Vane

Observations not taken today…

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Jennie Speirs Grant presents a series of drawings transcribed directly from spring birdsong. Using a system of visual notation, each is a representation of an ever-changing soundscape. The series explores Speirs Grant’s interest in drawing as a means of collecting data from the world. In this instance, the works are sequences of data extracted from a living environment. They differ from the more usual forms of observational drawing in that the information gathered is auditory rather than visual.

Jorn Ebner: Across the wounded universe; at Vane

Across the wounded universe

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Jorn Ebner’s recent work has emerged from his interests in the danse macabre, the mediaeval allegory on death, the literature of American novelist William S Burroughs and French poet Charles Baudelaire, and the songs of John Lennon, whose murder had enormous impact on the artist as a teenager.

Ben Applegarth: Lost In The Woods/Getting Better; at Vane

Lost In The Woods/Getting Better

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The work of Ben Applegarth in ‘Lost In The Woods/Getting Better’ is concerned with evolving geometrical structures, a fascination with mathematical patterns and the literal and figurative role of perspective.

Amie Rangel: Dwelling; at Vane


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Amie Rangel’s exhibition, ‘Dwelling’, consists of large-scale charcoal drawings on linen, mixed media drawings on paper, and stone lithographs. This new body of work represents her ongoing investigation of the organisation of spatial constructs within modern society. Rangel’s work builds on an observation-based practice that is rooted in traditional methods, which translates moments and nuances of existing and occupied structures through perceptive and expressive drawings.

Vane at NORTH, Warrington


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Newcastle Pavilion: 12-14 Horsemarket Street, Warrington

NORTH is a new initiative which aims to showcase and develop contemporary art in the North of England whilst provoking critical debate on the future artistic production in the region. In a series of curated pavilions, exhibitions and events, NORTH explores the breadth and strength of talent within the region in a festival opening Friday 2 October and running until Saturday 31 October 2015 across Warrington.

Helen Schell: Yellow Giant; at Vane

Yellow Giant

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In ‘Yellow Giant’ Helen Schell has worked with leading solar physicists to present a series of large and dramatic artworks exploring features of the Sun and of solar science.

Ten: at Vane


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To celebrate the tenth anniversary of the opening of the gallery, ‘Ten’ showcases the work of nineteen international artists who have shown at Vane during the last decade. With artists from Germany, Denmark, Iceland, South Africa, the USA, as well as the UK, working across painting, drawing, sculpture and video, ‘Ten’ provides a snapshot of each individual artist’s practice.

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