Preview: Thursday 12 March 5-8pm

Currently undergraduates studying on the BA Fine Art programme at Newcastle University, Newcastle upon Tyne, these five artists use multidisciplinary techniques and a wide range of approaches. Research and expressive processes blend together in the showcasing of the group’s work.

Charlie Ambery applies the principals and ethos of poetry to common yet overlooked bodies of text. Her play on the intrinsic relationships and values associated with cloth and handmade embroidery articulates the process of identifying humanistic as well as poetic characteristics within the language of information.

CHO creates work that consists of repeatedly drawing portraits of her mother based solely on memory, a very delicate and sensitive process which highlights the unreliability of memory. She mainly uses domestic materials, for example, toilet rolls, tissue paper and rice paper, which are of a very delicate nature, representing the fragility of memory.

Yuchen Liu investigates the connection between metaphysics, Daoism, science and universe by synthesizing traditional Chinese mineral paintings into alien objects through computer art. Time loses its meaning with the process of combining the past with the future through the present. This work creates an atmosphere interwoven with fantasy and reality.

Sarah March works with film, sound and painting techniques. Her work explores the concepts of hidden communication within analogue broadcast technologies. The primary focus is the radio communications during the Cold War era which used ‘Number Stations’. March extracts the secret information within these spy broadcasts transforming it into a visual medium.

Rosie Seeley creates texts and forms in her work that are ‘dreamt up’ without any source material, favouring impulsive mark making over a more conceptual or researched approach. The work is wilfully unclear about where its inspiration derives from, leaving the viewer curious, confused or both.