Thursday 16 – Saturday 25 January 2020

Skimstone Arts’ Young Artists Collective (YAC) and the Echo Artists have created artworks in response to the Susan Aldworth and Andrew Carnie’s ‘Illuminating the Self’ exhibition and the significant scientific research into a treatment for epilepsy that has informed it.

Using both cyanotype and risograph printing techniques, YAC and the Echo Artists worked with Nick Christie from Incubate Experimental Printmaking and Carl Wilson from Monnoprint in learning and experimenting with the possibilities that both techniques offered in creating a response to ‘Illuminating the Self’.

To show the progressive nature of the scientific development, using other media, YAC and the Echo Artists will create further artworks in response to the exhibition over its duration, reflecting on the ever-changing ideas and discoveries both scientifically and artistically.

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Featured artists:
Rachel Bao, Ben Chilcott, Alice Shelly Forbes, Lucy Jenkins, Olamyde Olabisi, Peter Saaremets, Magpie T’Gai, Harry Thompson, Elena Valitova, Arthur Vane, Ho-Yin Wong, John Young