Paul Carter

Paul Carter - Vane

Paul Carter, The Beast (and the Names of the Gods Appeared to Me), 2002, clotheshorse and T-shirts, dimensions variable

Paul Carter’s The Beast (and the Names of the Gods Appeared to Me) is one of a series of constructions and environments by the artist that provoke meditations on basic questions about existence and the afterlife. Strange names began appearing in configurations of wet holiday T-shirts as Carter hung them to dry on a clotheshorse in his dining room. After some research he discovered the names belong to a number of demonic gods. Furthermore, he discovered that the writing of these names in a circular form – as they appeared on the clotheshorse – is believed by some to create a doorway to the dark side through which the Beast himself could pass into the world of the living. Reluctant to break the circle and unwilling to keep it in his house or studio, the circle now resides in the art world, moving perpetually through exhibitions and gallery store-rooms.