Past exhibitions

Triangular surface areas; at Vane

Triangular surface areas

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In ‘Triangular surface areas’ Berlin based sculptor, Anna Gatjal, presents a new installation that explores the complex relationship between the material world with its physical limitations and the seemingly unlimited possibilities of the mathematical and virtual realm. The installation continues Gatjal’s fascination with the sublime beauty and symmetry of classical geometry.

Contactless; at Vane


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Nick Christie records the subtle, liminal marks and gestures made during the processes of drawing and printmaking. In his recent series of Solarplate and mono prints, the whirls and tracks of the artist’s smeared fingerprints form images that explore the constantly changing nature of everyday communications as we increasingly move from the physical interaction with the real printed page to its simulation on the screen of the smart phone and tablet.

International Print Biennale: 2016 Print Awards; at Vane

International Print Biennale: 2016 Print Awards

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The 2016 Print Awards are the centrepiece of the International Print Biennale and showcase the most exciting artists working in print right now from across the world.

Integrated Systems; at Vane

Integrated Systems

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‘Integrated Systems’ presents the work of ten artists represented by the Michaela Helfrich Gallery in Berlin, whose work focuses on the interface between the figurative and the conceptual.

Vox Pop; at Vane

Vox Pop

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In ‘Vox Pop’, Christopher Rollen explores various ways of presenting both personal and collective histories. Doegen Revisited (2012-15) is an audio-visual archive of sixty-six etchings and recordings of Germany-based British expatriates’ voices made in response to the sixty-six British and Irish voices in Wilhelm Doegen’s Lautarchiv (sound archive), recorded between 1916 and 1918 and held on shellac vinyl records at Berlin’s Humboldt Universität.

Barbaric Comedies; at Vane

Barbaric Comedies

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Vane is pleased to be taking part in an homage to one of Spain’s most influential contemporary filmmakers and artists, Josep Joan Bigas Luna (1946-2013), in a collaboration with Durham University, the Tyneside Cinema, and ¡Vamos! Festival.

‘Barbaric Comedies’, curated by Betty Bigas and Santiago Fouz Hernández, showcases some of Bigas Luna’s controversial video artwork, including the famous short Necklace of Flies and the five-piece video installation ‘Barbaric Comedies’, which was inspired by the well-known work of Spanish dramatist Valle-Inclán.

Seeing a Who; at Vane

Seeing a Who

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‘Seeing a Who’ brings together Gateshead based Michael Mulvihill and Pasadena, USA based Elizabeth Saveri, artists who both explore big themes through the medium of miniature paintings and drawings. After Vane, the exhibition will travel to ArtHelix in Brooklyn, USA, in September this year.

Transparent Things; at Vane

Transparent Things

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‘Transparent Things’ presents works by Deb Covell, Leo Fitzmaurice, Lee Machell, and Jo McGonigal, four artists whose work is united by a deep interest in exploring materials. Each artist displays a reductive yet playful approach, which they use to create, works that question their chosen materials’ inherent properties and limitations as well as attesting to their vast potential beyond their apparent constraints.

Vinyl Icons: Persian Pop and Turkish Psychedelia; at Vane

Vinyl Icons: Persian Pop and Turkish Psychedelia

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‘Vinyl Icons: Persian Pop and Turkish Psychedelia’ is a unique presentation of art inspired by the popular music of pre-revolutionary Iran and Anatolia. Curated by Sara Makari-Aghdam, a young North East England based curator of Azeri-Turk, Persian and English descent, the exhibition makes a clear connection between 1960s and 1970s Iranian culture and contemporary visual art from the Iranian diaspora.

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