Thursday 12 December 2013, 5:30-7:30pm

Closing event for our current exhibitions, ‘Skittish’ and ‘The Shining of Our Design’.


Performances at 6pm and 6:30pm

Live artist Lisa Watts has been joined by the sculptor David Kefford in the Newcastle presentation of this touring exhibition. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, Watts has visited Vane and performed new live work in the gallery.

During the closing event, Lisa Watts will perform actions with chewing gum amongst David Kefford’s sculptures, giving the audience insight into the connections between the two artists’ practices. Visitors to the exhibition are invited to send their feedback directly to Lisa Watts on the blog area of

“Both Watts and Kefford create highly inventive scenarios from the most humdrum of found materials, with Kefford summoning surreal tableaux out of textile scraps and old plastic bags.” - Robert Clark, Guardian Guide

The Shining of Our Design

In her solo exhibition, Sista Pratesi creates an installation of paintings that explore the power of belief systems and the structures that are created to enforce them.

“Pratesi seems to be taken by the hypnotic allure of mainstream religious systems. Spooky figures that beckon one towards sensuous or at least transcendental release soon disappear into a mist of ambiguity.” - Robert Clark, Guardian Guide

Both exhibitions are open to the public until Saturday 14 December.