Wednesday 3, Thursday 4 & Friday 5 May 2017

FLARE 3 is a three-day event at Vane exploring mind-body connections and live encounters.

Our contemporary time is fractured, community and ecological crisis ever present. Our minds, bodies and souls cut apart. FLARE offers three days of practical creativity exploring our ecologies and connections through daily practices, workshops, talks, screenings and performances.

FLARE is a research platform to nurture a transversal dialogue between artists, research academics, participants and audience, focusing on the ways in which performance and bio-art may open up new modes of thinking. FLARE hopes to mobilise fresh ways of attending to mind/matter entanglements that can make contributions to the imagining of more equitable futures.

Including contributions from Denys Blacker, Laurel Jay Carpenter, Helen Collard, Magdalena Górska, Dawn Felicia Knox, Josephine Machon, Siobhán Mullen, Ocells al Cap, Harriet Plewis, Sister Shrill, S L I C E, and Francesca Steele.

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