Stu Herring: Brick vessel

Saturday 17 May 2014, 7-11pm

Coinciding with the last day of his exhibition at the gallery, Existence Experiments, Herring will be building a circular wall around himself until he is entirely cut off from the audience. ‘Brick vessel’ is the latest of Herring’s works to explore through ritualistic acts his ongoing investigation of notions of personal freedom.


The evening of The Late Shows will also afford the last opportunity to see the group show Eulogy, curated by LUME Projects at Vane.

The Late Shows at Commercial Union House

‘Brick vessel’ is just one of many projects for The Late Shows taking place in Commercial Union House. Come and experience a diverse world of creative talent, all based in the same building.

Floor 2: The HUB
Drop in for an evening of racing madness (and a free cuppa) at the HUB Cap Café and experience more 70s glamour, more 80s drama and more small scale racing thrills (on the massive 4 lane Scalextric). The Café is made and presented by the HUB, a Cultural Project for learning disabled people.

Floor 3: B&D Studios
Explore the artists’ studios, meet the people based in B&D Studios, and see the variety of artwork being made. View an exhibition of painting and sculpture by Jason Yates and explore some of the creative businesses here in Newcastle, from tattoo parlours to vintage clothing emporiums.

Floor 4: Ampersand Inventions
For one night only Ampersand Inventions will be turned into an emporium of artistic anthropology, where all can come and explore. With Blah Blah Blah International Languages, We Are Explore, the cinema of creation, and a very different 1940s tea and taxidermy extravaganza.

Floor 5: Northern Charter
Performances, audio and film come together all against the backdrop of a set designed by Calum Greaney and Finn McCullough. Over the course of the evening there will be a performances by Nicola Singh and Pheobe Amis, an audio work by Marie Toseland, and a film by Kirsty Alexander.

Floor 6: F6.Studios
Are you a night owl? Each of the F6.Studio members has created a ‘night owl’ mask in their own signature style. Choose your favourite and have the moment captured by professional photographers in a real studio setting. While there meet the designers and see the graft behind the craft.

Floor 6: Newcastle Performance Collective
Step into a night of open rehearsal and entertainment including storytelling, dance, a sensory sound wall, interactive installations and a live music jam orchestrated by the resident band. Help devise new theatrical work or just watch the in-house cast of Last Orders, a pub-based sitcom for the stage.

Presented as part of The Late Shows 2014

The Late Shows is supported by Arts Council England and managed by Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums. The Late Shows marks the international event ‘Museums at Night’, which takes place across Europe. For further information visit