Wednesday 14 – Saturday 17 November 2018

DRPPSM (pronounced DRIPPISM) is something the artist describes as akin to an artist’s statement, a statement of intent and of personal style and expression, a concept influenced by historical art movements such as De Stijl amongst others. The culmination of a year’s work, the work is a 22-minute film of 11 scenes and soundless – a conceptual device designed to engage a visceral and reflective experience from the viewer.

Olisa .L. Osanakpo is a Nigerian-British artist born in 1991 and currently living in Newcastle. He received an Honours Degree in Photojournalism from Staffordshire University in 2016 and enrolled to study an MA in Arts, Business and Creativity at Newcastle University in 2016. In 2018, he published Countenance, a pictorial book projects that challenged his retentive memory on various strangers encountered since 2015, mostly on the streets of Nottingham and partly in Manchester.