EC Davies: Take a chance on me

Saturday 20 May 2017, 7-11pm

The Late Shows visitors are invited to play a giant dice throwing game whilst wearing colourful love heart balaclavas at EC Davies’ interactive event ‘Take a chance on me’, during the opening of her exhibition, ‘Press Play and Record’. Producing a winning combination will give everyone a chance to win a pair of limited edition love heart decorated dolls. Have fun, take a chance, and be part of a live piece of video art. Every player will receive a gift from the artist. Drop in again during the exhibition or view at to see your contribution.

‘Press Play and Record’ brings together a body of work created by Davies over the last three years. This includes video, animation, sound works and textiles, developing aspects of her collaborations with choirs in Berlin and North East England. Davies exchanged individual lines of song lyrics for gifts to then produce further events and actions. Lyrics and exchanges with collaborators, including spoken word recordings have been woven into this new work.

The current exhibition by Narbi Price, ‘This Must Be the Place’, will also be open for viewing on Saturday evening. Price’s work involves journeys to specific places that have witnessed a range of events. Both exhibitions continue until Saturday 1 July.

The Late Shows at Commercial Union House

Come and experience a diverse world of creative talent, all based in the same building.

Ground Floor: Globe Gallery
Newcastle After Dark explores the city at night; a dense fabric of interior spaces that spill out onto the streets. An immersive, experiential environment is created in the Globe Gallery, re-enacting moments and experiences of Newcastle’s night-life back to the inhabitants and visitors of the nocturnal city. Open 7-11pm

Floor 1: Incubate Experimental Printmaking
Incubate is an experimental workshop that will open to the public for the first time on the evening of The Late Shows. Artist and printmaker Nick Christie will demonstrate how to print images using touch sensitive ink, which changes when exposed to heat. Visitors are invited to print an artwork to take home with them. Open 7-11pm

Floor 2: The HUB Studio @ Arcadea
The Midnight Garden of Beasts. Join us at the HUB/ICEBOX for the Midnight Garden Party. While you’re with us you could grab a free cuppa in our coffee shop, pick up a souvenir in the gift shop or visit the custodians lounge and test your skill on their massive 4-lane Scalextric. The HUB and ICEBOX are arts project of, by and for disabled adults and young people. Open 7-10pm

Floor 3: B&D Studios
Our doors are open for you to look around and we welcome Skimstone Arts to The Late Shows for the first time. ‘What If?’ is a site-specific interactive performance which explores our inner prejudices to global and local human circumstances. We’ll also be showing work in progress from our national Artist in Residence, supported by Arts Council England’s Elevate fund. Open 7-11pm

Floor 4: Ampersand Inventions
The Guild of Wizards, Creatives and Celestial Beings invite you to explore The Late Shows event at Ampersand Inventions. This year the theme is ‘WEIRD SCIENCE’. We have gathered our finest crazy, creepy, curious and bizarre makers and creatives! Featuring the AAC Clan, Maker Space, Moth Studios, The Fashion Lab, Explore - Life Long Learning, Praxis Gallery and our resident Candy Vortex. Open 7-11pm

Floor 6: Space Six
Space Six is an artist led work and rehearsal space full of some of the North East’s finest theatre companies, dance artists, producers, singers, musicians and puppeteers. This year we’ll have live music and the chance to try your hand at some self-crafted poetry and try some new blue dance moves. Come explore our home and find hidden performances in unexpected spaces. Open 7-11pm

Presented as part of The Late Shows

During The Late Shows, museums, galleries, studio collectives and landmark historical buildings come together to offer visitors one-off events including hands-on workshops, behind-the-scenes tours, performances and parties. It's all about encouraging people to do something cultural with their evening in celebration of the national event Museums at Night. Download the brochure here.