Friday 15 February 2019, 7-9pm

Postgraduate artists from the BxNU Master of Fine Art course at Northumbria University in Newcastle are presenting a closing event for their current exhibition at Vane, ‘Zip’, on Friday 15 February 7-9pm. The evening will consist of performances by Siân Hutchings, Ciara Ní Léanacháin, and Holly Standen.

Siân Hutchings’ work, Pronounced with a soft ‘g’, is an exploration into the performative potential of gesso, a material often used as a support for painting. Traditionally made with rabbit skin glue and chalk (the body and the earth), Hutchings acts as an aural architect to release sound from the gesso vessels.

Ciara Ní Léanacháin’s performance, Cab Easceann/Eel’s Maw, is inspired by the slipperiness of identity and language. “Now, I melt. A slick atop a puddle; unable to merge or mix this stolen skin.”

Holly Standen experiments with sound, exploring its potential as a visceral and emotive medium. She uses these qualities to convey her thoughts on current global issues; most recently British politics and its effects. Her compositions are designed for the audience to experience emotions or sensations through sound.