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Jock Mooney

12 track CD
Track list: Ikea Society, Gosforth Mums, Moira, Koskenkorva, Waiting Room, Mr Normal, A 2 B, Peoplewatching, You Don’t Even Know Me, New Age Rising, Moronomo, Stay The Same

Written and produced by Twentymen
Twentymen are Jock Mooney (vocals) and James Mooney (instruments)

Additional musicians: Ana Critchley (electric guitar on ‘Gosforth Mums’ and ‘Koskenkorva’) John Kearnell (VCS3 on ‘Koskenkorva’, engineering on ‘Gosforth Mums’ and ‘Koskenkorva’ at The Soundroom, Gateshead) Dave Moore (drums on ‘Moira’, ‘Koskenkorva’ and ‘A 2 B’) Alex Tustin (drums on ‘Gosforth Mums’)
Mastered by Neil Ferguson at Chairworks Studio, Castleford

Cover drawings by Jock Mooney