The Late Shows 2015

Our Town

Saturday 16 May, 2015, 7-11pm

Vane is collaborating with Crisis, the national charity for single homeless people, on the project ‘Our Town’. Members of Crisis are creating a series of model buildings in a variety of materials ranging from cardboard and papier maché to wood and ceramic. The buildings vary from houses to hospitals, from the utilitarian to the fantastical. These will be assembled in the gallery to create a model town exploring ideas of community, social history, architecture and personal aspirations.

While Simon Le Ruez once characterised his work as “what goes on behind the net curtains", he evokes an even more intimate concealment with the title of this show, The other side of you and me. Accordingly, a quite gorgeous sensuality now modulates his erotic transgression with something more elusive." More

- Robert Clark, The Guardian Guide, 2-8 May 2015 -


Thursday 5 – Sunday 8 March 2015

Vane is proud to announce the gallery’s fifth consecutive year of participation at the VOLTA NY art fair, New York, USA. We will present work by Stephen Palmer at Booth F8.


Nick Fox

Nick Fox’s solo exhibition ‘Bad Seed’, is showing as part of Queer Season at Sutton House, London, 5 February – 27 March 2015.

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