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The Longing Disco

Nick Fox

An Imprint of The Longing Archive
spoken word recording
gold vinyl with gatefold sleeve
edition of 250

The Longing Archive is an ongoing art project that explores notions of longing through interactions with individuals, communities and sub-cultural groups. The archive operates as a depository for unwanted love letters, love tokens and their narratives.

The Longing Disco is a live art event shaped by the participants which analyses relationships between music, sentiment, memory and personal longing. It explores the ability of music, lyric, and song to stimulate memory, unravel narrative, and enable a more open way of communicating and sharing our unspoken personal desires. The Longing Disco developed as a series of live events, recreating the nostalgia of the 'Lucky 7s' disco where participants brought their own records to the party.

This limited edition spoken word vinyl record contains sequential listings of all the 118 songs submitted for The Longing Disco held on the 1st February 2013 at Vane, Newcastle, in accompaniment to Nick Fox's solo exhibition 'Nightsong'. Each song choice is followed by and directly coupled to the contributors' personal story of longing, either recorded by the contributors themselves or in the case of written submissions, anonymously narrated.